Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I think T chart

this is my I think t chart we have been working on these since term two this is the first t chart of term two

I think T Chart
We are learning to: Infer meaning from clues in the text.

Text: Those Shoes
Author: Maribeth Boelts

Not Very wealthy people
because she said there's no room for want only for need
i think grandma is very happy that the shoes are cheap  
how exciting how cheap and what size are they
Antonio wasn't laughing because he might not have the shoes or he might feel sad for Jeremy
everyone laughed except Antonio Parker
sad that she can’t afford the shoes for Jeremy
she sat down heavily
the guidance counselor felt sorry for Jeremy because he had old shoes
looks like you need a new pair

Jeremy doesn't want to give the shoes away but they are too big for him
one day during math i glance at antonio's shoes one of them is taped up and his feet look smaller than mine
Jeremy thinks they are cool he like the shape and he thinks they will fit
high tops perfect shape 2.50
Antonio is happy that everyone has to but on their winter boots
the something amazing happens everywhere there is snow


  1. Kelly I like what you did with the paper

  2. Really good inferences Kelly, I like how you put in some detailed answers.